The Staff


Arteen Zahiri (blacknsilver)

I am the lead writer and creator of it all. Learn about me and the site in the About page!


Zarek Massey (zarekmassey)

Hey guys! It’s Zarek Massey, everybody’s favorite editor! Huge 9er4life (trust me I’m not a banwagon) and Dubs fan! I live in the Bay Area as well. I will post some NBA articles and some NFL draft stuff but you guys can pretty much call me the NFL specialist, as that will be the topic of the bulk of my posts: NFL.  Anyways, looking forward to sharing my thoughts and potentially conversing with other sports fans. Please comment me with any ideas you have. Love to hear your suggestions for new article ideas. If I say something you disagree with, comment! I would love to discuss my thoughts. Anyways, make sure to follow this blog and looking forward to a good time.


Kevin Loo (lookevink)

My name is Kevin Loo. Tennis and cross-country mountain bike are my heavily focused sports. Although I hold substantial abilities in basketball and football, I am very interested in following the games. I will be as objective and as professional as I can be to analyze basketball and football for both the entertaining and informational purposes. Please feel free to leave any suggestion and comments on my blog and my company’s blog Zahiri Sports.


Stefano Gamba (stefanogmb49)

Hello! My name is Stefano Gamba. I was born in San Francisco, CA where I moved to both San Ramon, CA and where I currently reside, New York City, NY. I am a 49ers fan and love the NFL. GO NINERS!


Azane Massey (azanemassey49)

Hello I am Azane Massey, the new author for ZahiriSports, the brother of editor in chief Zarek Massey. I am in 5th grade, and turning eleven in January. I am a die-hard Bay Area sports fan, and absolutely love the SF 49ers. I’ve been threw the losing years, and the recent winning years. I kind of jumped on the Warriors bandwagon (:p) but am loving out playoff chances. Make sure to to check out my weekly fantasy football post, and my thoughts on the Packers passing attack!


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