The Buffalo Bills will end their playoff drought as they face the easiest remaining NFL Schedule.

Their remaining schedule includes falcons, at bucs, at jags, dolphins, at pats.

They have falcons who have struggled on run defense allowing almost 300 yds rushing the last 2 games look out cj spiller they have a struggling offensive line going vs a great dline, bucs have trouble offensively and will not be able to move the ball well vs this dline, bills have most picks in nfl season up to now and a stout dline look out their qbs suck, they will beat miami because of their win streak momentum and being at home and because their d line is good and will be matching up vs a mediocre offensive line, they will lose to patriots because they play them at fozborough in December which means they will sweep miami having tiebreaker over them. On the other hand, I have jets losing to baltimore as they have only lost 1 home game (ravens) and that was to Aaron Rodgers this is not Rodgers this is a very inconsistent rookie called Geno Smith, they will be splitting with the dolphins because their O line is very bad, they will be beating the raiders because a good d line going up against a terrible o line is never good, losing to panthers because Cam Newton is not making mistakes and their D can force turnovers and Geno Smith knows how to turn it over and in a hurry ROLLL panthers, and will be beating browns as they do not have consistent quarterbacking play.This gives both the bills and the jets an 8-8 record with them both splitting so the jets will have a 4-8 vs afc opponents while Ej Manuel and Co will have a 5-7 record vs afc opponents and will secure a playoff berth for the first time in Buffalo for over a decade.

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