NFL Week 9 Predictions

Chiefs at Bills
Are the Chiefs serious? Another game where they are playing another back up? And not just that, another game where they played the back up OF THE BACK UP. WHAT?! Everything is going right for this team. EVERYTHING. No Thad Lewis this week which means Jeff Tuel or Matt Flynn, but it is believed to be Tuel who knows the playbook over the newly signed Flynn. Wow. And even then, this pick will surprise some. Bills are going to win this game. Here me out. Before last weeks game against the Browns, the Chiefs were 21st in run defense. Then the Browns came in with their lack of rushing and dropped the Chiefs rush d to 10th. But that is the flaw in this defense: the running defense. That’s why I think the Bills will win. Both Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller are expected to play in this game. A duo like that might be able to propel them over the Chiefs. Oh, did I mention the Chiefs have gone winless in Buffalo since 1986? Yeah. I’ll make a bold statement.
Prediction: Bills
Falcons at Panthers
It looks like the Falcons are trending backwards while the Panthers are trending forward. Cam Newton is playing as well as anybody the past few weeks by limiting his turnovers. I think he finally learned that the defense will keep him in games as long as he doesn’t throw it away. An Alex Smith attitude, if you will. But, with his explosion and arm talent, can lead you to high scoring games. It’s also clear Matt Ryan is heavily missing his targets Julio Jones and Roddy White. After a rough afternoon in Arizona, the Falcons are trying to get back into this playoff race. But it looks like the season is done for the Dirty Birds.
Prediction: Panthers
Vikings at Cowboys
Two horrible defenses against one another should be made for a horrible game. Lucky for the Cowboys, the Vikings quarterback is Christian Ponder, which means they can just collapse on Adrian Peterson. Which means…the Cowboys will be highly embarrassed to not win this game at home. I highly expect the Cowboys to win on their home turf and expect a big game from Tony Romo.
Prediction: Cowboys
Saints at Jets
The Ryans clash!!! Rex against Rob. Too bad for Rex, Rob has Drew Brees on his offense so he doesn’t have to worry too much about scoring. And unfortunately for Rex as well, Geno Smith is facing the Saints defense who has a +8 turnover differential and also leads the NFC in sacks. Good luck, Geno.
Prediction: Saints
Titans at Rams
The Rams came one horrible set of play calls away from pulling off the upset of the year on Monday night when they fell to the Seattle Seahawks. The Titans won’t exactly blow them out, but I expect them to win this game and for the Rams to return to their mediocre ways. Expect a heavy load of runs as the Titans expressed their interest in giving Chris Johnson around 20 runs or so while Shonn Greene coming off injury to get around 15 as well. Let’s see if the Rams are up for the test.
Prediction: Titans
Chargers at Redskins
Philip Rivers is going to have a huge day. The Redskins coming that close to an upset of the Broncos was astonishing. Then they let them score 31 points in the 4th quarter. 31!!!! That’s how much the Jags have scored all season! Okay I’m just kidding. Think about how much has to go wrong for that to happen. Anyways, I believe the Chargers will win this game with a better Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead doing everything. And the Redskins will still be in the mix in the NFC East.
Eagles at Raiders
The rotating door of quarterbacks for the Eagles is still in full motion. Nick Foles is starting again this week. And we don’t really know what to expect from him. One thing we know, the Raiders aren’t going to let LeSean McCoy beat them. The Raiders might actually get to .500 after this week and I believe that they will. They’re defense has been decent this year especially at home. They’re ready to get back even.
Prediction: Raiders
Buccaneers at Seahawks
The Seahawks looked terrible last week. No offensive game, tons of pressure on Russell Wilson, and the Rams were even able to run through them. But I don’t see any way the Bucs can go into Seattle and get their first win. Not exactly the best place you want to go to try and earn a win.
Prediction: Seahawks
Ravens at Browns
Hey Ray Rice, millions of others and I who drafted you in the first round would like help please!!! According to reports, he has his burst back which has been lacking all season. We’ll see if it makes a difference this week in Cleveland. The Ravens are coming off a bye and I believe they will go into Cleveland and earn a hard fought win.
Prediction: Ravens
Steelers at Patriots
Both of these teams are just not the same this year compared to other years in different respects. The Steelers don’t have the same defense and don’t run the ball like they are known for. Meanwhile, the Patriots aren’t putting up points as Tom Brady is still struggling to find his rhythm. One thing does stay the same though: The Patriots are still finding ways to win games. No different ending here this week.
Prediction: Patriots
Colts at Texans
Ahh yes, another primetime Texans game because of lofty expectations after last season. That doesn’t look so good right now on Sunday night. Although, the Colts have been known this year to beat the best teams while throwing out a dud against weaker opponents. Also, it is their first game without Reggie Wayne, which I think is just a monstrous loss. And everybody will be looking at Case Keenum to see if he really will take Matt Schaub’s job for good.
Prediction: Colts
Bears at Packers
The Packers are rolling and the Bears are reeling. Aaron Rodgers is being Aaron Rodgers…and now he has a running game with Eddie Lacy. Scary. Meanwhile, the Bears aren’t the same on defense anymore and miss Jay Cutler at quarterback. I think this Monday night game could be heading more towards a blow out.
Prediction: Packers



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