Why the Ravens should trade for Fred Davis

With the trade deadline looming, there are reports the Redskins are trying to trade Fred Davis. Davis is a very good TE but the Redskins are higher on rookie Jordan Reed. Davis was considered one of the best TEs in the NFL in 2011, but since his career has been derailed by injury, suspension, and ineffectiveness. Davis was in fact inactive last game with a minor ankle injury as the team prefers Jordan Reed.

In a Tuesday interview, Fred Davis says he’s  open for a trade and feels his days in Washington are numbered and that a trade is inevitable.

With the “production” the Ravens have recieved from the TE position, you’d think Baltimore is definitely interested. Davis is a much better for fit for Flacco then he is for RG3.

The Ravens would be giving up very little for a player who proved he is a accountable starting TE and a talented one. He’d immediately be a weapon for Flacco and his salary is very cheap and affordable.

As for the Redskins, they are letting Davis rot on the bench and he will surely live next season as a free agent, so I’m sure they’d take anything for him. This trade could work:

Ravens get: Fred Davis

Redskins get: 2013 7th round pick


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