Why the Colts should trade for Hakeem Nicks

The Colts passing attack and offense this season has been fearsome thanks to Andrew Luck and his top three WRs Reggie Wayne, TY Hilton, and Darrius Hewyard-Bey. Last season Luck also had a fearful passing game but with one of his favroite targets in TE Dwyane Allen out for the season early, luck had to adjust, and he really progressed this year. The team brought in DHB and TY Hilton really improved after his already impressive rookie season as did Colby Fleener. But Luck’s main man was Reggie Wayne who was playing fantastic ball, even at the age of 34. Coming off of a 105 catch, 1355 yard, 5 TD year, Wayne was performing well again having 38 catches, 503 yards and 2 TDs in just about 6.5 games. Luck and the Colts are performing at a very high level, defeating the Seahawks, 49ers, and Broncos. Howver, they took a major hit when Wayne tore his ACL, and will be out for the season. The Colts currently have DBH and TY Hilton as their top WRs. As a long time Raider fan, DHB is NOT a capable WR1, especially for a playoff team and easy division champions like the Colts. His role as the third WR option on the Colts is where he best fits as he is an asset. TY Hilton is a good player, but is a complete different player from that of Wayne. Reggie is a possession WR  and a legit every down target. Hilton is a deep threat/home run play guy that you can’t rely on every play. Luck’s only every down target is Fleener.

With the NFL trade deadline looming, Jim Irsay and the Colts have to capitalize on the fact the Giants are looking to trade Hakeem Nicks. Nicks, will be a free agent after this season and is expected to leave. New York would be smart to get what they can out of him as NYG is going nowhere this year and Nicks and Eli simply have not been clicking this season as seen all season and in the Monday Night Football match up vs the Vikings.  Nicks is a legitimate every single play target for Luck. He has the speed to go deep and the size to go over the middle. He can run any route and his combination of size and athleticism makes him hard to cover. Nicks would be an automatic go to target for Luck and a key member of a potential Super Bowl squad. Considering Nicks has practically no future with NYG they could probably get him for a couple of Day 3 picks (maybe a third rounder at the very most). If I’m the Colts and the Giants I’d reach an agreement on:

Giants receive: 4th round pick, 5th round pick, conditional pick

Colts receive: Hakeem Nicks, WR



3 thoughts on “Why the Colts should trade for Hakeem Nicks

  1. I don’t know anything about Nicks’ locker room or off-field behavior. Is he a problem? Otherwise why would NYG even consider letting him go for just a 4th round pick?

    • Thanks for the read and comment sfa51
      Nicks is a free agent this year and will most certainly leave. The giants are going nowhere this season and if they just let him walk they’ll get just a 4th round compensatory pick, which is among the last picks in the 4th. Here they can get a higher 4th round pick and maybe some other lower picks in the process.
      It’s also worth mentioning that nicks has not been the same this year. Apart of it is because the declining talent and mess around him and some speculate he’s quiting on the team so he can leave NY

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